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Baseball, baseball legends, Norway Iowa, Norway baseball and the Norway Tigers and the feel good family entertainment new movie of the year all have something in common:

Before it was a movie it started in a small-town in Norway, Iowa (population 586) 17 miles southwest of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Norway baseball was not just all about baseball. It's a story about hope and heroes too. The Norway, Iowa treasured baseball diamond is a place where Norway baseball and baseball history has been made- more than once and now a new movie has been made about the final historic event of Norway baseball.
This is the feel good movie of the year and is based upon the true story in Norway, Iowa and you can see official Norway baseball Final Season movie clips, movie trailers, information on the actors and the history of the story behind the Final Season new movie at the official website
Norway Tigers, baseball legends, Norway baseball and the kind of movie you can bring the entire family to- even if they are not baseball fans they will love this movie because it is a family movie with family values and makes great entertainment.
Acting, actor, actress- it takes more than this to make a good movie, it takes a great story and Final Season is just that, a true story about a small American town and something as American as Apple Pie- Baseball, heroes, inspiration, dedication and love for an American sport.
Watch the movie trailer. Tell your friends to watch the movie clip. And see the movie in theaters October 12.
Visit the offical site for the movie at and be prepared for a family style entertainment movie. Norway baseball and their baseball legends in the small town of Norway, Iowa is a new movie about baseball and a lot more- See it in theaters now.